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hello everyone, from today I am again starting blogging after a long time. this blog aap hum is for hindi, but i have to English post. in my cell hindi is not working. i had two options - eieither I dont write any post or i write in english. so, finally i have selecsel second option to write post in english. I hope my blog lovers and Hindi lovers, hindi premi, hindi bhashi will undunderstand this thithi.

second reason to write post in english is that nowadays i teach English. so the posts of this blog aapaap-hum.blogspot  will be also helpful for English lovers and english learners.

here, i m thankful to all blog visitors that i hadn't been posting for long period, but due to blog visitors and blog lovers, this blog is still popular. i am again thankful for them who made my blog popular in india and abroad.

pankaj vyas


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